Client: Alburnum

Project: Logo, Stationery, & Website

Problem: A new business in need of a logo, stationery, and website.

Solution: I created a simple yet playful text logo giving the A a few tree-like qualities to go with the meaning of the word Alburnum, the soft, newer wood in the trunk of a tree. A stationery set consisting of letterhead, invoices, business cards, and responsive website that shares both the services and philosophy of the company rounded out the identity of this business.


Alburnum Website and Stationery Display
Alburnum Home Page screen shot
Alburnum Services page screen shot
Alburnum Communication Tree page screen shot

Letterhead & Invoice

Alburnum Letterhead
Alburnum Invoice Sample

Business Card

Alburnum Business Card Front
Alburnum Business Card Back